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How to Make High Impact Email Marketing Campaigns

by Matthew Coers

Matthew Coers is the President of Ventures Interactive

If you read the High Rankings Advisor, then you understand the power of an email newsletter. Email marketing is targeted, it is trackable, and if done correctly it can position your company as the top-of-mind provider in your industry or market.

Jill Whalen is a master of SEO, and you know that because you read her email newsletter when it arrives on Wednesdays. She is also a master email marketer, and you know that because every time Google changes its algorithm you rip open her newsletter to find out what happened! She has established herself as the “Go-to” person for SEO for tens of thousands of Internet Marketers all over the world.

That brings us to an important question: do your prospects consider you to be the “Go-to” person in YOUR market?

Become the "Go-To" Resource in Your Market

The goal of all marketing is to make money, but before you can do that you must establish credibility and trust. Dale Carnegie famously said, “People do business with people they know, like and trust.” So, while the ultimate goal of your marketing campaign is to make money, your first task is to establish a trusting and friendly relationship with your prospects.

Establishing a friendly and trusting relationship might seem like a secret recipe for success – something reserved for the rich or lucky. But the truth is that there are several things any business can do with email to help in this regard, and I’m very glad to tell you what some of them are right now.

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How to Establish Trust and Friendship with Email

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  • Send Something Immediately – When someone opts-in to your list, make sure they get something of value immediately; don't wait until your next newsletter to contact them. This does two things. First, it trains them to open your emails because there is something of value in the initial email. Second, they will be more likely to remember signing up for your list if they have already received something from you.
  • Focus on the Prospect, not yourself – All too often, marketers focus on their products and forget to help the prospect. It is ok to talk about your products, but come at it from your prospects' perspective. How does your product help them?
  • Be Valuable – Every time you touch your prospects, you should offer them something of value. It could be an informative article, a discount on a product, or a heads-up about something happening in their industry. This trains your prospects to open your emails – because there's something in it for them!
  • Be Honest – If you say you are going to do something, then do it.
  • Be Consistent – Communicate on a regular basis and in a consistent voice. If you don't send emails for six months, then suddenly you slap your list with 4 emails in a week, people will get annoyed. On the other hand, if you send out emails every week, then people will expect it and open it.
  • Be Important – Trivial discounts and unimportant news items won’t interest your prospects. Instead they will become trained to ignore you. So, make sure you are giving them something that is important to them.
  • Answer Email Responses – Guess what? Every time you send a mass email out, some prospects will respond with questions. Don’t send those emails to a trash pile or "no-reply" email address. Engage with those prospects and show them you are a human being who cares about them. They will reward you with referrals and purchases.
  • Use a Human Being's Name – Would you rather open an email sent to you from Sales@somecompany.com or from Sharon.walker@anothercompany.com? Which of these two companies cares more about connecting with you as a person? Nobody wants to be "sold", but everyone wants a personal experience that is provided by someone who doesn’t mind signing their name to what they do. Nuff said on that one.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

There are several types of email marketing programs – all of which can help improve traffic to your web site, increase engagement, nurture prospects, and help bring in dormant sales.

  • Email Newsletters – If you are in business, then you can have a newsletter. Email newsletters help your company stay in touch with customers and nurture prospects into becoming customers. In many industries, newsletters can help establish you and your firm as thought-leaders and help to educate your prospects to choose your company when they are ready to buy.
  • Email Promotions – Keep your brand and products top of mind with regular promotions. For every customer that picks up the phone to call you, there are many more who would buy if only you stayed in front of them. You never know when a customer will decide to make a purchase, and that’s why it is so important to have your email in their inbox when they make that decision.
  • Auto-responders – It takes an average of 7 “touches” before a prospect knows your business well enough to buy. Wouldn’t it be great to put your email marketing on auto-pilot to make sure you get those first few touches done correctly? You can with auto-responders: emails that get sent at pre-determined periods after a prospect has agreed to receive email from your company.

Professional "Design"

I put the word “design” in quotes because often the best performing emails are simply text emails (or they appear to be text emails, but still have HTML tracking installed). By professional, I mean that if you use graphics, then it should appear to be professionally done, not something that was whipped out on a cut-rate graphics system by one of your sales reps.

  • Clean Links – Links should look clean and nice (hiding the tracking urls whenever possible).
  • Send Hybrid Emails – These are emails that contain both an HTML version and a text-only version. Most email clients will see the HTML version, but some need the text version.
  • Graceful Degradation – Most of your recipients will not have images enabled when they first receive your emails. If all your content is embedded in the image, then they won't be able to read it without enabling the images. Make sure your emails look good and are readable when images are disabled.

Test, Test, Test

Many email systems will allow you to do A/B split testing. This means that you can develop two (or sometimes more) different versions of your email to send out and then see which one works best. These days, open rates are not a very good indicator since they rely on the recipients’ images being enabled. However, click-throughs are always trackable and they provide the most accurate measurement of an email's performance.

Email Deliverability

As with split-testing, most email service providers also provide a way to run your emails through spam tests to make sure they won’t get caught in spam filters. It is imperative that you run these test on your emails before you send them because small changes can often lower your spam score, and that will impact future deliverability of all your email.

Email Client Compatibility

Testing your emails on multiple email clients ensures that your emails will look good and consistent whether the recipient uses Outlook, Gmail, or another email client. Many email service providers offer simulators to help with this, but if yours does not, then you can always create a test list of emails on various clients and check them yourself.

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Featured Email Campaigns

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