Corporate Intranets

Corporate Intranets Can Be Easy

Promoting effective communication with the corporate environment is always a challenge. Each department develops it's own methods and communication channels and it can be difficult to break the silos and move information from one area to another.

Content Management Systems

Rather than centralizing content distribution within the marketing or HR departments, some organizations find that it is best to create a distributed model in which various Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within the organization have control over the content that relates to their department.

Using this model, when HR needs to update the company's holiday schedule at the beginning of the year, they simply log in to the Intranet's content management system and type their changes in using an online form. There is no need to create bottle-necks with the IT staff to get important documents posted, and no need to teach non-technical employees how to make web pages.

Access Controls

Corporate Intranets can also be developed that can display content that should only be visible to employees of a certain rank within the company, or those who belong to certain departments. For example, employee information may be stored on the Intranet, but it should only be visible to HR personnel. Likewise, you may have different pricing schedules for different countries - sales reps in each region would therefore only see pricing that is relevant to their area.