Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email is the most efficient and powerful form of direct marketing, but maximizing it's effectiveness requires experience and an understanding of how to read the numbers to make the most out of your list.

The Power Is In The Method

Email campaigns have a life-cycle that is important to understand. They play out over a much shorter period of time than most marketing and advertising programs. That's why the first few hours of an email campaign are so critical to the campaign's success. At Ventures Interactive, we don't just send out emails for your business, we help you maxmize their impact by creating a feedback loop to your sales organization.

Email performance by hour and day

As you can see in the first graph, the majority of the email opens you will get on your campaign happen within the first hour. Within the first day, you will have 70% of the opens you will ultimately get. By the end of the second day, you'll have 80% of your opens, but it will take a week to get to 90%.

This means that the coordination we do with your sales force requires us to take these curves into account. Your reps can't be going to lunch when this curve is at it's peak, and you don't want the peak to be in the middle of the night (or else it will be a lower peak). But the sexy part of this process happens when we use the data we collect from those opens to really improve the campaign's effectiveness. Take a look at the spreadsheet from an actual campaign below:

Coordinating Email Lists With Call Lists

Email Open Lists provide great call lists for outbound sales efforts

As you can see, we've blurred out the names to protect the innocent, but this sheet was generated from the email opens from an actual campaign. The data is sorted so that the people who have opened the email the most are on top - those are your best prospects! This method is just one trick we use to improve the performance of your email and sales efforts, but it doesn't end there. The data we can generate from web visitors can be used to develop more targeted email campaigns and to really boost performance.

That's Not All Folks

This feedback loop tactic is just one arrow in our quiver of email marketing strategies to really make full use of your organization's customer list and maximize profits. Call us at 720-536-8268 to discuss ways to improve your performance.

Email Marketing Works!

Want to promote a webcast or an offline event? Do you have a product launching, and need to drum up some buzz? Email promotions are just the trick to take your high-value house list and turn it to your advantage.

Email Promotions

Nothing beats email for speed, measureability and cost-effectiveness. But to be effective, email promotions must take into account the myriad types of applications, devices and networks that affect deliverability and viewability for the end customer. Not all devices can render graphics, and most email clients operate on a subset of HTML and CSS that make it difficult to predict how emails will render on the client machine.

Developing emails that display correctly on laptops, text-only, and mobile devices requires the experience that comes from running many campaigns and that's just what Ventures Interactive brings to the table.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are the ideal way to stay in touch with your prospects and customers. By implementing a high-value newsletter, your organization can effectively brand itself into its target market. The cost-effectiveness of email newsletters is enormous. Even a small list of only a few thousand addresses can drive in hundreds of hits to a website each time a mailing is sent. Try achieving that level of success with paper mail!

Ventures Interactive provides a number of valuable services to help your organization produce and send effective email newsletters:

  • Template Design - A professionally designed email newsletter is key to putting the right foot forward in the marketplace. Ventures Interactive makes sure the emails you send communicate an image of professionalism.
  • Copywriting - Not all organizations have access to full-time copywriters who can make the company's email newsletter their priority. Ventures Interactive can work with you to put together an editorial schedule and develop the content for you.
  • Email Publishing - Sending mass email isn't rocket science, but it is important to work with an organization that has the experience necessary to make your campaigns a success. Ventures Interactive has been developing and sending mass email communications for years, and we know the potential pitfalls and best practices.


Autoresponders can make a huge difference in helping to make your house list more responsive to your email newsletters and promotions. By providing high-quality informational resources to your registrants starting when they first sign up, you can train them to open your emails at a much higher rate than the industry norm.

List Building

The first step in creating a great email marketing program is developing your list. Unfortunately, list development is usually not as easy as just purchasing a list of email addresses because the best prospects are those that you cultivate through other online marketing efforts. However, it isn't impossible, and there are strategies we employ regularly to boost conversions and help you build a large list quickly.