Disc-Based Multimedia

Email Marketing

Multimedia Is More Effective Than Ever

You can hand someone a business card, or tell them your web address, but if you hand them a disc, USB drive, or SD Card then you've given them something tangible that closes the gap in the conversation and can help to bring them closer to your website and the sale.

Tradeshow Integration

One of the most-used implementations of disc-based multimedia is at tradeshows. USB thumb drives and SD Cards are a popular handout that are so useful that your prospects will incorporate them into their daily routine in ways they never would with a cheap pen or another little pad of paper. And while the cost is certainly higher, the fact that you can load your company's presentation onto the drives increases the value even more.

Our business isn't to sell tradeshow trinkets. However, they can be useful tools in the sales process; and as a vehicle for delivery of multimedia presentations, well, that's right up our alley!

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Multimedia - The Ultimate Leave-behind

If you make sales presentations (and who doesn't, right?), then you need to leave "stuff" with your customers to review. It might be brochures, or pads of paper with your logo, or perhaps you leave pens, branded paper weights, or other trinkets. These items are moderately useful, but they do little to remind your customers what you do, and even less to someone who wasn't present at the sales presentation.

The benefit of multimedia items is that they do the selling when you cannot, and they are far more useful and sticky for your prospects than other "premium" swag they might get from other vendors.

At Ventures Interactive, we don't sell USB drives or SD Cards. Instead, we help our customers utilize these tools to improve sales and drive traffic to their websites. Call us at 720-536-8268 to learn more about how you can incorporate this powerful tool into your sales process.

eBusiness Cards

When you meet someone at a tradeshow, how much do you suppose they remember about you and your firm five minutes after you finish speaking with them? If you gave them your business card they would remember your name and your company, but not much more.

With an eBusiness Card, they can rembember much more. That's because with an eBusiness Card, you have 50 MB of presentation space available on each CD, plus links to as much content as you can put on your website. EBusiness Cards make a statement about your company even when you aren't there to do it, and you can even track their effectiveness through the use of specialized landing pages.

USB Flash Drives and SD Cards

As with eBusiness Cards, USB Flash Drives and SD Cards are quickly becoming a staple of tradeshow ware. But they can be just as useful (perhaps even more useful) as leave-behinds after a sales presentation. These types of drives are useful and sticky for customers who may use them themselves or pass them to friends or colleagues as gifts.